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iExplore Reading Program

Prototyped full identity program for this new Gr. 1-5 reading product. Including: brand logo design, 20 magazines with three reading levels defined by unique cover treatments and 80 oversized full color infographic wall posters. As the soul art director/designer on this project, I prototyped, designed, retouched and delivered high-rez digital mechanicals for every magazine article and poster for the entire project. Also provided prototypes of the online components and the teacher materials.

The final designs of 80 science and social studies based wall posters were for teachers to share in a small group setting. Many included maps, charts and diagrams all created by me. The Posters also had to reduce 65% and reprint as a full page within the magazine reading program. To maintain readability at the smaller size, I had set limits to the font size of the posters.