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What to wear?
People show up in all kinds of clothes but pants are best and shoes with white soles won't scuff the deck. We have some extra deck shoes and we have offered our rain pants to some skirt wearing passengers. We have extra wind breakers if it gets cold too.
How do I get there?
The directions button should tell you everything you need to get to Windy.
What to eat?
We usually have fresh water on board. Our three favorite last minute places are the Subway shop at Grove street by the Path station. Ibby's Falafal and the Taquria are all on your way down Grove street toward the marina. They are all quick cheap and fun to eat. Please note there is a great wine bar on Grove street called the Majestic across from city hall. They have great bottles of wine at good prices.
Can Windy tip over?
No! Only a hurricane can tip her over. However sailboats do naturally tip a little, thats just part of the fun.
How many people can fit on Windy?
The most we have ever had on Windy is 10. 7 is a comfortable number. 5 people can sleep on Windy below.


Can I bring a friend?
Yes please do! We usually have room for extra guests.
How long is the voyage?
We usually go out after work for about 3 hours. We try to shove off by 7 and get back by 9:30 pm. It takes about 25 mins to get Windy ready to shove off and about 25 minutes to secure Windy after we return.
Will I get seasick?
We have only had one person really blow chow on Windy. He puked 10 times in one day and still had a good time. The more wind the less likely you will get seasick. Also driving the boat helps. Also wearing an eye patch is an old pirate remedy. And remember.....

Can I bring a camera?
Please try to remember your camera and be sure to share your best shots with the crew! It will not get wet.
Will it be cold?
We always have extra clothes on Windy so don't let the lack of a sweater stop you from coming out.
Will it be windy?
Check the weather section of this site for realtime wind conditions in the harbor.
Where do you keep Windy during the winter?
Windy is removed from the water by a crane and stored near the marina on jack stands from mid November thru Mid April. During that time we restore the hull for another season.
Why is this site called "The Windy Galaxy"?
Windy is the name given to the boat by the first owner. Galaxy is the brand of boat. Thus "The Windy Galaxy".
Is it safe?
Well we do have insurance and an account with a seatow company if we really get stuck. Most importantly the captains of Windy have over 5 years experience sailing the New York area with a new crew almost every time. Ages range from less then a year old and up. We like to make sure everybody has a life preserver that fits. And Captain Ron has completed a 10 week boating safety course.

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