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What about Windy

Windy is a 32 foot cruising sloop and among the first of her kind to be made from solid fiberglass. Before that time most boats where made of wood or steel. She was designed by Bill Tripp in the early 1960’s. The name of the model is Galaxy. Hence the site name “The Windy Galaxy”.

She was built in 1962 by the American Boat Builders Company of Rhode Island. Not many where made and few are still under sail. We believe she was the 44th one made. (note the number 44 on her main sail and spinnaker).

Windy was found on the hard in a marina in Marland on the Chesapeak Bay in the fall of 2002. The former owner had donated her to the Salvation Army and left for a life on the island of Hawaii.

Upon trucking her to a marina in New Jersey the new owners set about restoring her. Along the way they discovered that the former owner actually lived aboard her for many years. She has many stories yet to be told.


In August 2003 after 8 months of restoration including a fresh barrier coat on the entire hull and keel, Windy waits in the crane for her first return to the sea in over 3 years.

Welcome Aboard! Capt. Kiro!



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